How to keep your body in good shape?

How to keep your body in good shape?

In end, at cost of indescribable efforts, you have achieved sample in figure. But you can`t relax – figure, in particular, acquired at cost of sufficiently long occupations and diets, has specifics of spoiling, if you give yourself slack. Therefore, it is hard not only to lose weight or build muscle, but to maintain beauty body one day.

But, it all depends on motivation and purpose of weight losing. If you set yourself a goal to lose weight, put your body and muscles in order, keep yourself in that form and lead healthy lifestyle – everything will be simple. All you need to follow once a day is simple rules series, don`t retreat and relax!

How to get out of diet?

If you lose weight on harsh diets, you should smoothly and fiercely go out of them, entrenched in proper and low-calorie diet for six months or year. This time will be enough for body restructure itself to work in new body.

Out of any diet is 2-3 times longer, than diet itself, and the stricter it is, the smoother it should go. For example, if you were fasting for 3 days, you need to go out of fasting for about 5-7 days, otherwise your body may not cope with “hard” food for him after restrictions, and this will cause pancreatitis attack or biliary colic.

Eat more vegetables and fruits, fiber and whole grains, natural products. Drink more pure or mineral water without gas, fresh juices, diluted with water, don`t abuse tea and coffee.

How to become better: several rules for perfect figure

We will present them, as following:

  • Exercise! Make friends or fall in love with fitness instructor – then you will have greater desire to engage. Training should be same, more than 2-3 times a week. You can change it in swimming, especially if swimmers train with you right off bat.
  • Get a dog and walk with it once a day, one o’clock in afternoon and evening, doing jogging or walking at saturated pace. Walk to your floor, to office, to final transport stop. After returning home, spend light set of exercises: exercise, gymnastics, yoga.
  • Whole-time workers can do 10 full-fledged push-ups during day and in evening and take contrast shower. This will keep body in good shape.
  • Eat by rules. Buy food at one time to cook and eat right there, and there will be no temptation to sneak into refrigerator at night while conscience is asleep! In case of hunger attacks, put kefir, yogurt without sugar or something else light and non-nutritive in refrigerator, apples and pears on table. Your “I want” will glimpse them, eat and calm down. And you don`t get extra calories.
  • Your environment and mood are very important, mood and level of happiness hormones depend on them. After all, when you are satisfied with yourself, you actually float in clouds, and you don’t even want to eat!
  • Rest a lot. Body in stress is one of events of your problem weight. This concerns not only nervous overstrain, but also long lack of sleep. Firstly, because while you don`t go to bed, you can eat several times.
  • And also, to keep yourself in shape, often have sex. Compliments and affection mate increase hormones level, that are responsible for good mood. Awareness of your slim body attractiveness is most powerful incentive to keep yourself in shape.