Proper nutrition for weight loss

Proper nutrition for weight loss

Healthy nutrition is observance of proper eating well-known principles. They are simple: a lot of vegetables and fruits, meat and fish only lean, cereals aren`t starchy, cheeses and dairy products are low in fat. Methods of cooking – stewing, boiling, including steaming, baking. Salt, sauces, spices – in moderation.

Many nutritionists, fitness trainers, and weight loss experts recommend using special nutritional guidelines for weight loss. However, for many, result is very slow or not at all. But, this doesn`t mean, that proper nutrition doesn`t work when you need to lose weight. You just need to add few simple rules, which we now talk about.

Rule one

You must count calories. Use specialized sites, where you can calculate rate of calorie intake. Choose one where calculator takes into account age, initial weight, type of activity and so on. Often there you can determine how many calories per day you spend.

From obtained data, calculate your calorie intake for weight loss. It will be less than normal and almost equal to expended calories. You should choose small rate of weight loss, it`s he who guarantees long result. In resulting gap should fall into stage of active weight loss. Following principles of proper nutrition (eating a lot of vegetables and fruits, skim meat, fish, choose complex carbohydrates, don`t eat ready-made snacks and convenience foods), fit into this corridor of calories is easy.

Rule two

Distribution of proteins, fats and carbohydrates are very important. Carbohydrates should be consumed in morning and afternoon, in evening you can eat protein and little fiber. This is due to different speed of processing of different substances by body.

And, with their different use throughout day. To achieve best result, approximate ratio of protein, fat and carbohydrate intake during day should be as follows: 30% protein, 20% fat and 50% carbohydrate.

Rule three

You must drink plenty of pure water. Not juice, and not coffee, and not sweet soda, but it is man, who needs pure water. All chemical reactions, and in context of losing weight, absorption of food and calories consumption occur with the participation of water. Drink up to two liters of water per day.

What happens if you quickly go on healthy diet?

With a sharp transition to proper nutrition, you may feel hunger, and healthy food may seem fresh and monotonous. But, this is an illusion associated with ingrained negative taste habits. In fact, body just enough. Over time, taste buds will get used and you will like new menu.

Some weight loss programs are designed to instil healthy eating habits and reduce discomfort when changing your menu. Remember, that constant proper nutrition is the key to good health and beautiful body.